land of the expertly crafted cider

Cider making is equal parts art and science. At Zeden Cider Co. our cider makers have obsessively refined the elements of our cider to produce a perfectly dry cider that has that rarest of qualities... balance.


​Our crisp ciders are made from East Coast apples and Hawke’s Bay feijoa and are brewed and bottled in good old Gisborne.


Sweetened mostly with pure apple juice, Zeden Cider is sweet-as. Just not too sweet-as…

gluten free
vegan friendly
Zeden Cider Co. Bird Song Apple Cider
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The New Zealand bush used to be filled with loud and melodious birdsong. Then we let introduced predators run riot through our forests.


Birdsong honours our country’s aim to become predator-free by 2050. Birdsong cider was born to celebrate this goal and to encourage Kiwis to get involved.

Imagine our forests once again filled with the sounds of our native manu.

Zeden Cider Co. Island Nation Apple Cider With Feijoa
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The islands of Aotearoa are some of the most remote in the world. Their isolated setting at the southern limit of the vast Pacific Ocean make them an important home for marine species.

Almost half of the world’s whales and dolphin visit or live in New Zealand waters from the tiny Hector's and Māui's dolphins to the largest animal that’s ever existed, the blue whale. Island Nation is a tip of the cap to our very special marine ecology.